Representative Projects

Elmworth Pipeline System Design

Devon Canada

Elmworth, Alberta

Scope: Detailed design and review

Design of pipeline systems for wellsites and gathering systems, which included 18 wellsites and a gathering system comprised of 4", 6", and 8" NPS feeder lines feeding into the main 10" NPS line. System was designed for up to 140 mmscfd gas (sour +20% H2S), and 1100 bbls/day liquids, with over 60 km of line being installed. There were challenges in the review due to terrain and major river crossings.


Alberta Ethylene Gathering System (AEGS)

BP Canada


Scope: Pipeline system design, permitting, engineering, procurement, drafting, project management

AEGS (Alberta Ethylene Gathering System) included pipelines (310 km of 8" and 10" HVP) and pumping stations (170,000 bbl/day). Also included hydraulic modelling as well as detailed design (process, mechanical, electrical, controls, civil) of the pipeline and 1 booster pump station from Cochrane to Joffre. Pump stations rated at 1,500 bhp, consisting of 3 x 50% electric motor-driven multi-stage centrifugal pumps.


Pipeline System Design

Coastal Oil & Gas

Bubbles, British Columbia

Scope: Pipeline system design, engineering, procurement, regulatory, construction support

Initial study and installation of a sour (5%) multi-phase gathering system. Field data including pressures, temperatures, and flows along with detailed elevation profiles were used in the model simulating actual conditions. The model was used to further design an expansion to the system and size a slug catcher for the new facilities. Data gathered after installation of equipment confirmed slug sizes and pressures within 5% of those predicted by the simulation.