Gas Processing

Representative Projects

Komie Gas Gathering Facility and Pipelines

Devon Canada

Komie, British Columbia

Scope: Permitting, detailed engineering, procurement, drafting, regulatory (OGC), project management, construction support,  start-up & commissioning 

Above scope of work for Komie area gas gathering facility and pipelines. Facility includes two-stage compressor, inlet separator, dehydrator, liquids tank, and high & low pressure flare system. All equipment rated for sour service with H2S content of 0.03%, and C02 content of 20%. Provided detailed engineering and procurement services to tie in 3 wells to Komie central facility. Constructed a 6" sales pipeline, and 26 km 8" pipeline. Second stage of project expanded, and second facility constructed for additional 100 mmscfd gas processing, and 12" NPS x 26 km pipeline installed.


Elmworth Facility

Devon Canada

Elmworth, Alberta

Scope: Permitting, engineering, drafting, procurement, project management, FEED, detailed engineering design, construction management, start-up & commissioning

Design for installation of grassroots facility for 50 MMSCFD (30% H2S) compression and dehydration facility. Facility included 2 (1680 HP) compressors, mole sieve dehydration (UOP), inlet slug catcher/ separation, and liquids storage.