Our Team

Fred Di Tomaso (President)

Owing to his 39 years in the oil and gas industry, Fred possesses an extensive range of practical experience. His experience as a Project/Process Manager includes the successful design and completion of gas plants, oil treating facilities, compressor stations, pipelines, pumping stations, and countless other studies and projects. Fred has worked on many international ventures, which include projects in Pakistan, Kuwait, Iran, Bangladesh, Yemen, Chad, and Algeria. Fred has extensive experience with all types of oil & gas processing facilities, from process design to project management. As a consulting specialist, Fred's focus is delivering on clients' needs as efficiently as possible, without compromising quality.

Fred di Tomaso, President
Les Smyth, Executive Vice-President

Les Smyth (Executive Vice-President)

Les boasts 35 years of experience in the oil & gas industry. He has managed projects in sectors such as engineering, process, manufacturing, and destructive testing. His work in the engineering business has given him exposure to a broad range of industries, such as oil & gas processing, conventional & heavy oil, sour gas applications, water treatment, and liquid solids handling in North America and internationally.


Terrie Lazeski (Manager, Human Resources)

Terrie has 26 years combined administrative office experience with various EPCM firms, and has been an integral part of the TG team for the past 12 years. In her current role as Human Resources/Accounting Manager, she oversees all finance, accounting, payroll, and recruitment. Her expertise has taken her to the Middle East, where she successfully implemented an accounting software program, and performed extensive employee training. Terrie also oversees the business' charitable giving, and organizes social events.

Terrie Lazeski, Manager, Human Resources